Trip to Český Krumlov

Dear Český Krumlov,

When we first met you were just an escape from Prague. You were so misty that day.

But despite your size, which is really small, I couldn’t get enough of your cobblestoned streets and your lovely buildings.

You’re hidden in the south of the Czech Republic, a Unesco World Heritage site. The first thing I saw and couldn’t break sight of it, as I was wandering through the city, is your castle. Exploring it, I discovered the fantastic view from above to the rest of the city. Surely the hundreds of tourists, who crowd in for a photograph, is not something I want to remember but I can’t forget either.

Feels like a medieval videogame, especially in the alley where there is the blacksmith, the baker, the glass maker and the leatherworker.

I will surely remember you as a combination of colourful buildings, along with very dark ones and paved alleys. You are also a must do one-day-trip, for someone who visits Prague for more than 3 days, accessible via Flixbus.

Special mention will be the best pizza I’ve ever eaten and believe me, I’ve searched a lot through Europe for a great pizza! This pizzeria is called Pizzeria Latrán. I tried both the margarita and the rocket parmesan, to which they added 1 tablespoon of ricotta per piece, the best addition ever made.

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