7 + 2 one day trip close to Athens

Growing old, I have the urge to flee the city at every chance.  Below there is a list with all of my favorite locations for one day trips close to Athens. Most of them are 2 hours away from the city of Athens. 

Prokopi (North Evia)

First location is the place where my father grew up. Ιn my opinion, is one of the best drives in Greece, through the amazing scenery of sycamores around the mountains. It’s no coincidence that it’s especially known to bikers who are looking for something like this. When you get there, you can have a picnic next to the river located between Prokopi and Mantoudi. One of our trips is also on video here.

Doxa Lake

I think we’ll never find words to be able to describe the lake Doxa in Korinthia, trees up to where the water starts (or several times and a little further inside). In the center of it, there is a small chapel and around it there is mirror-like water surrounded by mountains.

Lake Tsivlou

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Α little further north of Doxa there is the lake Tsivlou which has a wilder beauty than the aforementioned.


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The ski resort of Ziria is my next suggestion, but my tip is going there in summer! Nearly none visits this place when the weather is hot and that’s why I love this place. It’s quiet, peaceful and beautiful. In winter is filled up with snow and you can enjoy ski or snowboarding. Here you can find what I filmed where there is no snow at all.

Trikala Korinthias

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I really have lost count how many times I’ve been to Trikala Korinthias. Very known destination, especially in winter months, which everything there is booked. But my tip is to go there for good food and excelent tavernas. Our last discovery is the one named Psitosynantisi (Ψητοσυνάντηση).


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Maybe the most go-to place I’ve had since my childhood in terms of ski resort, so I couldn’t leave it out for sentimental reasons .

Kea (Tzia)

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Tzia is the second island on the list and unlike the first one you have to get a boat to go. So if you want to feel a little summer, picturesque Ioulida is waiting for you!


Chalkida and Loutraki are the 2 destinations we choose for coffee or ice cream. In Chalkida you can stroll along the sea in the area of the old bridge and in Loutraki you can eat original gelato in the Gelateria Dolci Passioni.

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